ICIF Registration

International Cancer Institute Foundation (ICIF) was registered as a non-governmental organization on 22nd September 2020. ICIF was registered as a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization under section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act (Cap 19) of 1990 since 22nd September 2020. ICIF has a Constitution, Rules and Regulations and policies as its governing instrument.


ICIF is governed by a Board, which is a governing body responsible for overseeing and managing the ICIF as a NPO. Reporting to the Governing Board are sub-Committees that look into specific areas such as Audit and Finance.  ICIF is headed by the Board Chairperson.

ICIF’s Board, with its mixture of Kenyan and international members helps the organization to adapt to emerging issues through its experiences, reflections and expertise in an advisory capacity, while keeping its ideals and long-term goals intact. 

Prof. Fredrick Chite Asirwa, MD

Board Chairman

Mr. Scott Alan Vankirk


Dr. Pavanraj Chana

Ag. Secretary to the Board

Mr. William Brewer

Member of the Board

Dr. Pavanraj Chana

Member of the Board

Role of Governing Body

The Board’s role is to provide strategic direction and oversight of ICIF’s programs and objectives and to steer the organization toward fulfilling its vision and mission through good governance. As part of its role, the following are part of the Board’s roles:

  • Approving the budget for the financial year and monitoring expenditure against the budget.
  • Reviewing and approving quarterly financial statements.
  • Regularly monitoring the progress of the ICIF’s programs
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